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  1. Cuppa Analog
  2. For England
  3. Darmok
  4. Cool Cat
  5. Andy's 303
  6. Acid Stalker
  7. Feel Good
  8. Our Phuture
  9. Make It Work
  10. Haywire
  11. How's It Feel
  12. Disco Biscuits
  13. Exodus
  14. I [Can't<Stop{Thinking[About(You)]}>]
01. Cuppa Analogue -- No samples here.
02. For England -- Shut the door, Alec, there's a draft!
03. Darmok -- Shaka, when the walls fell.
04. Cool Cat -- If Dr. Drew can profit off of celebrity misfortune, then I can sample Dr. Drew profiting off of celebrity misfortune.
05. Andy's 303 -- Sampling Andy's 303: OK. Stealing Andy's 303: NOT OK!!!
06. Acid Stalker -- Masonic Boom I love u girl but it was just TMI OK???
07. Feel Good -- James Brown vs. Michael Iceberg
08. Our Phuture -- My only hope is that everyone else is unable to get this track out of their head as well, so they can share in my pain
09. Make It Work -- Wanna Make It Work? Nryghtckgiurtz. No holds
10. Haywire -- You know those springy doorstops? Yeah.
11. How's It Feel -- Nyah
12. Disco Biscuits -- The heat of Russian disputations
13. Exodus -- Let's blow this popsicle stand!
14. I [Can't<Stop{Thinking[About(You)]}>] -- Soul-Consuming Electro-Acoustic-Music Suite
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