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The Album

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Track Listing

1. The Pimlico Cop
2. The Pimlico Breezy
3. The Pimlico Wino
4. The Pimlico Politician
5. The Pimlico Pusher
6. The Pimlico Prankster
7. The Pimlico Bedwetter
8. The Pimlico Unmeat
9. The Pimlico Clypse

About Each Track

The Pimlico Cop
Friendly neighborhood police officer.

The Pimlico Breezy
She's totally gutted. Deaf in one ear. Trunk like the back of a semi. Strutting down the avenues of Pimlico in her frilly red dress. Flap! She is coming to consume you with her nasty, hairy vagina.

The Pimlico Wino
He's seen better days, but he's not complaining.

The Pimlico Politician
Completely full of hot air. Just wants votes.

The Pimlico Pusher
The Pimlico Pusher roams the docks slinging smack, dope, speed, cocaine, residue, and viagra. He's begun dipping into his own products, unfortunately.

The Pimlico Prankster
Bored elderly rasta enjoys giggles via the publicly-switched telephone network.

The Pimlico Bedwetter
They all laughed at him. He'd come awkwardly shuffling down the alley, a stain on his pants. "Ahaha, look!" The lads cried. "It's The Pimlico Bedwetter!" He seethed at the rejection, nursing a grudge into full adulthood. Then he bought a knife.

The Pimlico Unmeat
Drugs (TM): The Pimlico Unmeat

The Pimlico Clypse
Lad wandering the streets wondering what to make of it all; seeks fame and fortune.