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Description: Maritime-themed Intelligent Brain Juke
Released: Dec 21, 2013
Catalog: CAT#023

Juke Highbert is a Cornwall-based producer of Intelligent Brain Juke, which is much better than Unintelligent Booty Juke. So there.

Bio: Juke Highbert's musical craft harks back to his native Cornwall. The region's geographic isolation and harsh winters pushed him and his mates to surf the web all day, trading music. Highbert immediately gravitated towards acid house, juke, and general MIDI. He decided he wanted to write his own tunes. So, in the dead of night, he pirated synthsizers off of the internet. Unfortunately, they were shit. So, in the dead of night, he pirated samplers off the back of a delivery truck, and these were reportedly "much more dope." Fueled by PBR, cocaine, and omniprescent blunts, Highbert exploded onto the local scene. Badly-dancing white kids couldn't get enough of Highbert's work; he became sought after as a DJ as well. Every time someone's parents went away for a business trip, Highbert was tapped to come and play his music. This vibrant, creative scene might have gone overlooked by the world at large, if not for a chance meeting between Highbert and head of Riced Out Records A&R, the Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker. Mutually stranded at JFK airport due to a missed connecting flight, Highbert and the Reverend found themselves killing the boredom with booze in adjoining stalls at a decidedly unsanitary TGI Friday's. Someone thought someone's next drink order was a good idea, and a conversation started. By the time they boarded, Highbert had a record contract. Though neither Highbert nor the Reverend recalled signing it the next day, it still seemed like a decent idea, so, like, fuck it mang. Why not?