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1. Patch 1
2. Patch 2
3. Synth Hound
4. Producer Fiends
5. Minkowski's 303
6. O 0 (Spooky Remix)
7. Universe Factory

Nice one to the Adam aka Virulent Audio for keeping up the fresh beats, Herotik for doing the complete opposite and being a dick about releasing stuff... you slackin' bro you slackin'- anyway respect to peeps not here with us at the moment and all that nonsense. Hold tight the crew: P. Dilly, Jamio, The Scotsman, Rachel, Herotik, Harry, Stinc & others. Thanks to everyone who donates, comments on a track or whatever - it's much appreciated. Big respect to all the producers out there keeping it real and putting out truthful records. Until next time.

This album is released under the Creative Commons BY-SA license in 2013 on OTS Records ( & Riced Out Records (