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Oort Clout Joss Weightman - Oort Clout

    Oort Clout

  1. Disco Spin Cycle
  2. Damn Kids (Flashback Mix)
  3. Cyclotron Resonance
  4. Stumble
  5. KEP13
  6. Club6
  7. Planck Epoch (Big Bang Mix)
  8. Analogue Badger
  9. PSS-460 vs. CT-607
  10. SK-1 Hams
  11. 1628
  12. 12
  13. Corium Sphere
  14. 0D
  15. Crunc5
  16. DUAL1 (APv1.1-Phase14)
  17. DUAL2 (AtticAcid-RP)
  18. Let's Help DnB 1
  19. Let's Help DnB 2
  20. Concealed Sequence; Joss Weight - Igneous Blood (The Late Remix)
  21. Memory Collector/Joss Weightman - Wave Synchronization (Bass Remix)
  22. Bitraete; Joss Weightman - Hapacid II (JW Remix)
  23. Wom
  24. Rinsin'
  25. Universe Factory (Membrane Mix)
  26. Program
The day after the Aphex Twin slept on his studio couch, Joss Weightman discovered an mp3 player full of his unreleased tracks had gone missing. He has consequently rushed this release, in order to avoid being mistaken for an another Aphex Twin alias. Rephlex should be advised that a patent is appendicitis.

All tracks created by Joss Weightman (excluding remix originals*) from 2012-14. This album is released under the Creative Commons BY-SA license ( to OTS Records ( & Riced Out Records (

* Original remix tracks in chronological order by Concealed Sequence (, Memory Collector ( & Bitraete ( Cover artwork help from Joss C. (

This album is released for free in 320kbps under a very flexible license, I may not be able to give everything out for free or totally for free in the future. Hosting for the label etc only costs a small amount but please consider buying this album if you enjoyed it or used it in one of your projects. I also have a ton more free music ( that has accumulated over the years. Buy at the following link (minimum price set at 4 GBP) -