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1. Planck Epoch
2. Quantum Foam
3. Riced Out Record
4. Mystery 2009 Track
5. Rudeboy Dubplate
6. The Ofcom Demon
7. Style Dungeon (Underground Mix) [Feat. Herotik]
8. Low Attention Span
9. 92 Dubplate
10. Interstellar
11. 11
12. Minkowski Space
13. Escape Planet Actor
14. Heat Death

Thanks to Ryan for the vocals & keeping sane whilst living with me, all the Riced Out Yugo crew for keeping things away from earth, Jamie B the cognitive wonder boy aka MC [censored], my brother for lending me all kinds of equipment, Nevenen for musical snax, big up p. dilly for being p. dilly, all the people who let us down this year respect to you, thanks to Renoise for making production software I can live with, big up all the Tek FM crew, RIP UKs Finest 87.5 - a constant source of tuneage for over 7 years & finally thanks to myself for being 100% awesome.

This album is released under the Creative Commons BY-SA license in 2012 on OTS Records ( & Riced Out Records ( All tracks produced by Joss Weightman from 2011 to 2012 with the exception of track 8 (2:21-2:45) which is a short remix of "Diesel Not Petrol" by Sukh Knight & vocals on track 7 done by Ryan Mann aka Herotik. All tracks recorded/created in Spring Lane Studios with the exception of the vocals in track 7 which were recorded in Reading (not sure which studio, big up!).