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Oort Clout
Description: His MP3 player stolen by Richard D. James, Joss Weightman was forced to rush a release in order to avoid being mistaken for an Aphex Twin alias.
Released: April 20, 2014
Catalog: CAT#025
Description: A collection of tracks, the individual charm of which is only superceded by the order in which they're presented.
Released: Dec 21, 2013
Catalog: CAT#021
Wavelengths, Blurry Lines,
  and Architects

Description: The best thing since Iannis Xenakis.
Released: Jan 06, 2013
Catalog: CAT#018
Escape Planet Actor
Description: Heavy beats from Joss Weightman.
Released: Sep 26, 2012
Catalog: CAT#016
What is there to say... I started making tunes around 9-10 years old from cheap keyboards and sound equipment that my brother had lying around. Over the years I bought various synthisizers and other equipment with my pocket money etc. Nowdays I use a mixture of samples from equipment and other various sources and mash it all together in Renoise.