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1. The first track is obviously about the phone system.

2. Is about knowing something is about to change, and thinking about
how to allocate resources that you may aquire to prepare.
(if you were stranded on an island what would you choose to
have with you out of $n amount of things..)

3. Fifty Rich is about, when whatever holocaust is through.
when humans are gone, you can be rich and run through stores
and just have anything. "Fifty" sounded better than "filthy."

4. Dance to the Fire is about having a bit too much fun alone.

5. The Math trip is something i connected with when writing it.
I felt taken back. I envisioned myself watching movies in the
80s like "never Ending Story" and going to Science Meuseums
with my Father. These thoughts are thoughts that I would
keep with me as Humans left Earth.

6. Watching Buildings Fall is a weird feeling. Creepy kind of.

7. Winter then comes back and I find myself missing Christmas.
I even kind of used a mixed melody of a christmas carol.
Christmas is still magical to me, even though it has failed
with most of those around me. I feel like a child when
I hear this song. I think of Ghostbusters toys and
having all the time in the world to myself.

8. The Snow piles high is about having sex in the snow.

9. Searching Through supplies is much easier now that I found her.
And is much more fun too. This song is fun to me.

10 The title Song, goes a short way for such a story. I wanted
to make it a bit more serious, but stretched my synth
as far as the eye could see.

11 Abandoned Hospital - Creepy, but you'd need to get a few essentials
I'm sure ;)

12 Technology wouldn't last very long without power without humans.

13 Entering the City at night is a cool, summer night feeling. maybe
we show up on bikes. :)

14 Grey Sky and no sound, as dark as the day can be.

15 The Edge of an Era is vast, not cusp-like.

16 Rubble is what remains after 60 years of no humans but her and I
if we are still alive.

17 Goodnight my friends, thanks for listening.